BESTURAL X DHC Collagen Gummy

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BESTURAL X DHC Collagen Gummy

BESTURAL X DHC Collagen Gummy

Collagen dietary supplement product in gummy form. Collaboration between the quality nutritional supplement brand in Thailand "Bestural" and the number 1 nutritional supplement brand in Japan "DHC" develops products that help solve various consumer problems so well that they are known as "Collagen Gummy" is the most delicious and easy to eat.

BESTURAL X DHC Collagen Gummy uses high quality collagen imported from Japan certified by “DHC” which has a collagen content of up to 20,000 mg along with ingredients that will help increase product efficiency and collagen function, which contains biotin, vitamin C and vitamin B12, is easy to consume, portable, has a good aroma, and has a sweet and sour taste from real strawberry juice.

BESTURAL X DHC Collagen Gummy 2 gummies (recommended daily amount) contains:

  • Collagen 1,000 mg
  • 100% Vitamin C, helps create collagen for normal skin function.
  • 100% Biotin, helps maintain the normal condition of the hair.
  • 100% Vitamin B12, helps create substances needed to make red blood cells.

How to eat : Eat 2 pieces per day on an empty stomach (1 packet should be divided into 20 servings).

Storage : Store in a dry place below 40 degrees Celsius and away from sunlight.

Packing size : 40 gummies/sachet

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